Thursday, March 7, 2013

Perimeter and Area Games & Resources

Tons of cool resources for teaching area and perimeter!

Teaching Ideas & Fun Stuff

Good visual!
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Anchor Chart
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Free worksheets and more. A lot of them are pretty cute. Click to visit!
 Free Lesson, this is the one I'm using! We did the story together and worked the examples out on scratch paper.
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Party designer game. Fun, but a little complicated for Special Ed. Uses area AND perimeter. Click the pic to play.
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Mini lesson and game.Click the pic to play.

Basketball geometry for perimeter game. We LOVE this! Click the pic to play.

Baseball geometry for Area. We LOVE this! Click the pic to play!

Rags to Riches (Who wants to be a millionaire) Area and Perimeter. Warning! Students have to be able to multiply decimals to play this game. Click the pic to play.


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